Patient Support Services

Patient Orientation, Accompanying, Reception and Transport Services

Patient Orientation, Accompanying, Reception and Transport Services incorporate patients, patient companions and visitors and protect their rights and confidentiality.

  • Patients are greeted by our patient orientation staff and guided to the desired clinic.
  • Disabled, unaccompanied, and older patients are aided through the entire visit to the hospital.

Reception Services

We act as the first point of communication between the outside and hospital services.

  • Telecommunication services
  • Administrative services
  • Patient Orientation services
  • Operator services
  • Greeting all patients and visitors with a smile and kind welcome.
  • Guiding all individuals to their necessary destinations and providing them with the necessary information.
  • Immediately helping all patients with their demands
  • Ensuring all individuals rights and confidentiality and protected
  • Attending to all individuals with care and consideration
  • Providing administration with the necessary guidance and instruction and providing them with key cards.
  • Being flexible to changes
  • Providing telecommunication services

Transportation services

Providing the transport of patients and materials in planned and rapid manner while constantly ensuring high-quality and minimal errors.

  • Patient transport
  • Deceased patient services and morgue
  • Transport of pathology items and samples
  • Delivery of equipment to administration offices
  • Equipment transport
  • Mail delivery
  • Medical gas transport
  • Support during emergency situation